This one-day workshop is aimed at practitioners who want to optimise their interpretation of automated analyser haematology results and hone their blood smear reading skills.
Join us for a fun day of haematology that will enable you to make those important treatment decisions on the spot, every time.
Although aimed at veterinarians, advanced veterinary nurses who perform a lot of blood smear evaluations are welcome to attend.

Key Skills

By the end of this workshop delegates will learn to:

  • Understand the clinical significance of the components of the CBC (particularly RBC parameters), the significance of artefacts and/or erroneous results that may occur with POC analyser results generally associated with sample quality, and how to interpret them
  • Understand the significance of RBC morphological changes and their clinical relevance, using examples of different disease syndromes
  • The practical session will focus on evaluation of the different components of a well-made blood smear including:
    • Estimation of the WBC count and comparison with analyser WBC counts
    • Evaluation of RBC morphological changes, leukogram evaluation and differential and estimation of platelet counts

Speaker Biography:

Dawn Seddon (Löser)

BVSc, MSc Vet Path (with distinction), Diplomate ACVP (Clinical Pathology), NHD Microbiology

Originally from South Africa, Dawn graduated from Onderstepoort (OP) (Vet Faculty, Univ. Pretoria) in 1991. Dawn spent 4 years in full-time mixed (mainly small animal) practice in the UK, followed by routine locum and after-hours emergency clinical work in small animal practice. She undertook a concurrent scholarship to further her studies in Pathology from the Royal Veterinary College, London, where she did a 3 year residency. This culminated in an MSc in Veterinary Pathology, in October 1997.
Back in South Africa, Dawn undertook an Honours in Clinical Pathology (OP), working concurrently in both veterinary pathology diagnostics and small animal practice.

In November 1999 Dawn came to New Zealand where she has worked as a veterinary clinical pathologist for both NZVP and Gribbles. She is currently Teaching part time at St Georges University in Grenada. She has a wide interest in the pathology field, but has a particular interest in companion animal oncology, cytology, and clinical pathology.
She keeps in touch with clinical practice and medicine, as these are closely integrated, and this aids her in making interpretations with insight into current practice.

Haematology for the General Practitioner