OssAbility Meniscus Surgery Wet-lab

This full-day surgical cadaver workshop is for all vets who perform cruciate surgery. It focuses on the techniques, equipment and decision-making used in mini-arthrotomies. By the end of the day, delegates should finish the course feeling confident in managing patients with meniscal disease.

Key Skills:

  • Perform epidural analgesia
  • Approach the meniscus through a medial and lateral mini-arthrotomy
  • Practice tips and tricks that increase visualisation of stifle anatomy
  • Use with confidence a stifle distractor, meniscal probe, pull-knife and push-knife
  • Perform meniscal surgery: probing, therapeutic release, prophylactic release and partial meniscectomy
  • Become confident in applying evidence-based decision-making to your patients

OssAbility TTA Wet-lab 

Traditional TTA relies on your experience to identify potential complications and take action. We have simplified the procedure and provide case-by-case support to help you get it right.

Key Skills:

  • Perform epidural analgesia
  • Practice the OssAbility Guided TTA procedure on plastic bones and cadavers
  • Access the case-by-case support for surgical planning and review

Brent Higgins

European and NZ Registered Specialist in Small Animal Surgery

Brent is an orthopaedic surgeon based at VetSpecs in Christchurch, New Zealand. He graduated from Massey University and completed his surgical residency at the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. He has co-founded OssAbilityPractical CPDZeroPainPhilosophy and has a video blog DrBrentHiggins.com.

OssAbility Meniscus and Guided TTA Surgery Wet-lab