This full-day surgical cadaver workshop will start with theory, followed by practicing surgery on plastic and real bones. By the end of the day, delegates should feel confident performing the OssAbility Stifle System procedure in live patients.

Key Skills:

  • Perform epidural analgesia
  • Use preoperative planning tools to ensure there will be no surprises on the postoperative radiographs
  • Practice the OssAbility Stifle System procedure on plastic bones and cadavers
  • Access OssAbility’s Case-by-case Support Service for ongoing advice after the workshop

Brent Higgins

European and NZ Registered Specialist in Small Animal Surgery

Brent is an orthopaedic surgeon based at VetSpecs in Christchurch, New Zealand. He graduated from Massey University and completed his surgical residency at the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. He has co-founded OssAbilityPractical CPDZeroPainPhilosophy and has a video blog

OssAbility Stifle System Wet-lab