Practical and Applied Fluid Therapy

This one-day workshop will delve deeper into the most widely used resource in veterinary medicine – parenteral fluid therapy. In order to formulate an effective and safe fluid plan it is vital to understand the condition being treated and the ‘end-point’ of such therapy, from chronic dehydration in an old cat with kidney disease to acute dehydration in a puppy with diarrhoea to hypovolemia and shock in the emergency patient.

Fluid therapy guidelines will be discussed and how these have changed recently to keep up with advancements in veterinary medicine.

Key Skills:

By the end of this workshop delegates should have an understanding of:

  • Conventional and ‘new’ fluid physiology
  • Benefits and consequences of fluid therapy
  • Different types of fluid products and how to select the right one for the patient in front of you
  • Indications for addition of electrolytes and other drugs, and the calculations involved to ensure safe delivery

The practical part of the workshop will involve case discussion and practice formulating a fluid plan. You will receive fluid calculation and drug addition ‘Cheat-sheets’ to take home with you and use in your practice immediately.

Practical Anaesthesia Skills

This practical one-day workshop is aimed at Veterinarians and Vet Nurses wanting to optimise their anaesthesia techniques for the benefit of everyday patients.

We encourage Vet and Nurse teams to attend this workshop together so a coordinated approach to anaesthesia in their practice can be developed.

Key Skills:

  • Learn how to select pre-anaesthetic work-up which is appropriate for each patient and how the results will impact your anaesthetic plan
  • Learn how to choose the best anaesthesia protocol for the patient in front of you
  • Develop confidence in monitoring your anaesthesia patients and rapid decision making
  • Case discussion and troubleshooting
  • Equipment dry lab – learn how to use anaesthetic monitoring equipment and what to do with the information it gives you (from commonly used basics, to all the bells and whistles)

Speaker Biography

Hiroki Sano

American, New Zealand and Japan Registered Specialist of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia

Hiroki obtained his Bachelor of Veterinary Science in Japan. Following a year-long small animal rotating internship, he completed a Veterinary Anaesthesia residency at Cornell University, USA, then worked as a lecturer at University of Pennsylvania, USA. He is currently a senior lecturer in Veterinary Anaesthesiology at Massey University, New Zealand.

Practical Anaesthesia and Fluid Therapy Workshops