Damian Chase BVSc, MANZCVS, DECVS, European and NZ Registered Specialist in Small Animal Surgery

This highly practical workshop will improve your understanding of fracture management and the use of locking plate systems. It is designed for delegates who have a good understanding of the principles of fracture management.

Delegates will spend ample time practising techniques on plastic bones and should finish the course feeling confident in managing fractures with locking plates.

It is intended as an advanced course. Ideally for delegates who have done the principles of fracture management course or who have that level of knowledge.

Delegates will have plenty of opportunity to practice surgical techniques in a dry-lab setting.


This is an advanced veterinary orthopaedics course. It assumes a working knowledge of; bone healing, fracture biomechanics, approach to the trauma patient, orthopaedic surgical principles and the application of standard orthopaedic implants.
If you would like to know more about these topics we recommend our introductory orthopaedic course, “Principles in Fracture Management”.