We bring you two internationally acclaimed experts covering the latest developments and current hot topics in feline medicine.
Veterinarians have the option to register for one or both days.

Delegates will have the opportunity to submit questions throughout the day and each day will conclude with an ‘Open Mic’ session, allowing you to receive personalised advice on case management.

DAY 1: Monday

  • FIP – what’s new in diagnosis and treatment
  • Feline Anaemia – what’s my diagnosis?
  • Feline Anaemia II – transfusion medicine for a Friday night
  • Chronic Renal Disease in Cats – current management guidelines
  • What does that heart murmur mean? – A practical approach for feline practitioners
  • Feline Lower Respiratory Disease Case Studies

Key Skills:

At the end of this workshop delegates should have an understanding of:

  • Updates on recent developments in diagnostic testing and what’s on the horizon for the treatment of FIP
  • Investigating and treating cats with different causes of anaemia and how to give a blood transfusion
  • A review of current best practice for the staging and management of CRD – a guide for every practice
  • Developing a structured approach in cats with heart murmurs
  • Planning and prioritising treatment and diagnostics in cats with pulmonary disease

DAY 2: Tuesday

  • Feline Geriatrics
  • Superficial and Systemic Fungal Infections – Diagnosis, Clinical Management and Public Health Aspects
  • Feline Mycobacterial infections – an update
  • Nutritional management of sick cats
  • Liver disease in cats – Diagnosis and clinical management
  • Adrenal tumours in cats – when should I be thinking about them

Key Skills:

At the end of this workshop delegates should have an understanding of:

  • Developing a proactive wellness program for senior cats
  • Understanding the main aetiological agents of feline fungal disease in the Asia/Pacific region
  • An update on the main mycobacterial infections of Australasian cats
  • How to manage both sick hospitalised cats and palliative care options for sick cats including both naso-oesophageal and oesophagostomy feeding tube placement
  • Reviewing liver diseases and their treatment in cats
  • Updating knowledge on adrenal tumours in cats including common signs, diagnostic testing and management

Carolyn O’Brien

BVSc(Hons), MVetClinStud, PhD, FANZCVS(Feline Medicine)
Registered Specialist in Feline Medicine

Carolyn graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1994. She completed a residency program in Small Animal Medicine at the University of Sydney in 2003, and concurrently completed a master’s degree in veterinary clinical studies in the epidemiology and treatment of fungal infections (specifically Cryptococcus) in cats and dogs.

She successfully completed the Fellowship examinations of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Feline Medicine in 2004 and has worked in both university and private referral practice.

Carolyn has just completed a PhD project investigating the ecology and epidemiology of environmental mycobacteria, specifically looking at Mycobacterium ulcerans infection in animal species, and the causative agents of feline leprosy. Carolyn is the senior tutor for the Centre for Veterinary Education’s Feline Medicine Distance Education program and is also a director and feline medicine specialist at Melbourne Cat Vets.

Rachel Korman

BVSc, MANZCVS(Internal Medicine), FANZCVS(Feline Medicine)
Registered Specialist in Feline Medicine

Rachel graduated from the University of Queensland and completed a residency in feline internal medicine at the University of Bristol. She achieved Membership of the Small Animal Medicine Chapter, Fellowship of the Feline Medicine Chapter of the ANZCVS and is a member of the Feline Expert Panel and treasurer of the Feline Medicine Chapter.

Her publications include research in feline anaemia, infectious disease and acute phase proteins. Rachel has lectured extensively on feline medicine throughout Europe and Asia. She has been working at Veterinary Specialist Services in Brisbane since returning to Australia in 2012 where she runs the feline medicine service.

She shares her home with 2 children, Professor Moriarty (a Burmese with a mind for evil deeds), Maus (a partially sighted British shorthair) and Whinny (a Chihuahua who is a glorified cat).

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